Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it Safe?

Made me wonder what other protection mechanisms we have: humour, scepticism, labelling, anonymity, or just not overtly committing ourselves to any particular viewpoint.

There's perhaps another group who are standing in front of the Bible, swords drawn, 'protecting' it from the threat of misinterpretation or woolliness.

Might be an interesting homegroup exercise: draw a picture of your relationship with the Bible. I remember doing a similar thing with a group, asking them to draw a picture of their relationship with God. One person drew themselves in a bunker, surrounded by barbed wire, all the defences up and running. It was a great joy a few years later to help with his baptism.

Cartoon from the mighty ASBO Jesus.

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  1. I remember when God called me to let go of all the rules with which I'd safeguarded myself - scary.... nothing to cling to except the Cross of Christ!