Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wikio Blog rankings February - religious blogs

Not a great month for Christian blogs on the February Wikio blog rankings with most of us slipping down a notch or two:

24 Cranmer (=)
137 St Aidan to Abbey Manor (-22)
139 SPCK/SSG News, Notes & Info (-19)
141 Of Course I Could be Wrong (-1)
162 Bishop Alan (+51)
163 Holy Smoke (-22)
171 The Cartoon Blog (-41)
172 Metacatholic (-29)
179 TallSkinnyKiwi (-3)
181 Anglican Mainstream (-22, though as I've said before, it's not a blog)

Is there a conspiracy around the number 22?

For January's list see here. If you think your blog, or one you know, should be on the list, then you can add it fairly easily through the wikio site.

The US top 200 blogs on wikio are here, the nearest thing to a religious blog seems to be Jihad Watch, though I couldn't be bothered to click on all of them.

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  1. The Beaker Folk are new in at number 711! Clasified as "other". I feel very proud.