Tuesday, February 10, 2009

General Synod

Wake up at the back there. If you feel a need to follow the latest goings on at the CofE Parliament, then try....

Thinking Anglicans, where you can find the Synod reports in amongst the latest global Anglican shenanigans.

Alastair Cuttings blog, live from the floor. I'm sure this is the future: post a motion on a blog, and have an online vote and comments, saves all that faffing about with bussing hundreds of people to one end of the country or the other.

Dave Walker has posted the full schedule for the week - once you've read it you may decide life's too short and you'd rather be managing Chelsea (a job which lasts only a few days longer than Synod itself). Some big issues: stuff today on race equality/the BNP and recession, tomorrow on women bishops and 'the uniqueness of Christ in a multi-faith society' (should be a no-brainer but isn't). And so on.

Ruth Gledhill is blogging from Synod, and has this presee of an excellent analysis by Andreas Whittam Smith of where the credit crunch came from and where it is going. This is going to be debated later in the week.

Meanwhile anyone who finds their attention wandering during a debate can do this 5 minute online survey about the CofE website where you can ask why they're still advertising an Advent sermon on the site in February (true at the time of writing), and ask for more cartoons.

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