Thursday, February 19, 2009

CofE Attendance Stats for 2007 released

Church of England attendance stats for 2007 have just been released, with an accompanying podcast. There isn't much change from 2006-7 for adult attendance, but children and youth numbers are down 4-5%. The Number of baptisms and weddings is also pretty much the same.

The full stats table for 2007 is here. I'll do breakdown later on of the change by Diocese since 2001, following up on one last year covering the 2001-6 stats.

Here's the summary from the CofE site

In summary: Average weekly attendance was down slightly at 1,160,000 (2006: 1,163,000; 2005: 1,174,000), as was average Sunday attendance at 978,000 (2006: 983,000; 2005: 993,000) and average monthly attendance at 1,690,000 (2006: 1,694,000; 2005: 1,706,000). The average number of children and young people at services each week fell by four per cent to 219,000 (2006: 228,000; 2005: 232,000). The number of children and young people attending on a monthly basis also fell four per cent to 424,000 (2006: 442,000; 2005: 444,000).

Update: the Telegraph is headlining on the drop in Christmas attendance, which is no surprise once you realise that the 23rd of December 2007 was a Sunday. Regular churchgoers would probably not have gone to services 3 days in a row!

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