Monday, January 05, 2009

Wikio blog rankings Jan 09 - Christian/religious blogs

The January Wikio rankings went up today, though Matt Wardman got a sneak peek at the top 30 last week. Here are the Christian/religious blogs in the top 200

24 Cranmer +3
115 St Aidan to Abbey Manor -11
120 SPCK/SSG News Notes and Info +53
130 The Cartoon Blog -12
140 Of Course I Could be Wrong (Madpriest) +37
141 Damian Thomson +59
143 Metacatholic (Doug Chaplin) +17
159 Anglican Mainstream (it's not a blog!!!!! It's a new site with forums) +21
176 Tall Skinny Kiwi -12

the peloton is clustering nicely at the beginning of a new year (or the end of the old: the data is based on December traffic), and I'm struck by what a peculiar picture of Christendom is painted by this collection of bloggers......

If you think it's too peculiar, then you can register your favourite blogs with Wikio (you don't have to be the author) and watch the cream rise to the top. Other stuff has been known to rise to the top too, if you've ever seen the brewing process in action, so I'd better be careful with my metaphors.

see Decembers list here, and comments on November. Dave Bish has an alternative list, based on Technorati, and having virtually no similarities with the list above!!!! The absence of Bishop Alan from either list is sufficient to warrant pinches of salt on the sideplate.


  1. On Technorati Bp Alan is around 39,000. SPCK/SSG is around 107,000.

    I don't rate technorati very much as a metric for the UK, and I could land something in the top 100k overnight just by a bit of work on linkbuilding.

    Widely influential probably starts at 10-20k on Technorati imho, but certain niches with a propensity to cross-link more get more attention than they deserve.


  2. I was ignorant of Bishop Alan... I'll have to include him in future.

  3. The bishop is added, and you come in just outside the top 10 yourself!

  4. Dave: I must confess that, coveting a place in your top 10, I nearly didn't mention Bishop Alan and the others. But then I repented. Sort of.

    It's quite bizarre to see where people come as bloggers compared to the influence/reputation they have in the 'real world'

  5. I'm embarrassed to still be in the list myself... influence is a slippery thing anyway, but I think offline influence is having increasingly more "influence"...

  6. I would guess that a large chunk of my technorati links are down to the Dave Walker/SPCK saga, which I ended up in the middle of in July-August, so give it another 8 months (or whatever their shelf-life is) and I should be back into obscurity.