Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those Dreadful New Worship Songs

"There are several reasons for opposing [modern Church songs].
1) It's too new.
2) Secondly, it's often worldly, even blasphemous.
3) The new Christian music is not as pleasant as the more established style.
4) Because there are so many new songs, you can't learn them all.
5) It puts to much emphasis on instrumental music rather than Godly lyrics.
6) The new music creates disturbances making people act indecently and disorderly.
7) The preceding generation have got on perfectly well without it.
8) It's a money making scam."

The views of an American church leader. Guess the year.

Nope, wrong.

Sorry, wrong again.

Tom Bullock (welcome to blogland Tom!) has the answer.

I've been trying to trace the authentic source of this story, to check it's not an urban myth, e.g.
here, but you can always trust a Welsh blogger to track down the truth about songs in church.


  1. The problem is that, if original, the piece has been rewritten at least lightly in a more modern idiom. It does not read like 18th century prose.

  2. Great Blog! Check out this new Christian band that just released their first album. From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.

    Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

    Please pass on this info to all.

  3. My favourite dreadful new worship song at the moment is...

    Strength will rise
    when we whistle in the dark
    we will whistle in the dark
    we will whistle in the dark...

    Repeat ad nauseam with a smattering of versey bits to break it up a bit:

    Outside, it rains forever
    No hope of decent weather

    It's like an everlasting fog
    an everlasting fog
    it does not clear, the clouds are heavy

    Repeat the Strength will rise/whistle in the dark bit a few more times... back to the fog...

    (Original version for any who don't know it)