Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lent Resources 2009

Proost have some new materials for Lent - worship visuals, a book version of Si Smiths wonderful '40' video meditation, (you can see some of the illustrations here, or visit his online journal which has some other very powerful material), or just try out one of their Pocket Liturgy books. Jonny Baker gives a bit more info about these.

CMS have a good, brief list of resources.

Love Life Live Lent: Transform Your World is a 40-day book for lent, with an idea a day for how to mark the season. From the blurb:

Each week, there is:

  • A home and family action
  • An action for work, school or college, or the place where you spend most of the day!
  • An environment action
  • A community-focused action
  • A global action (supplied by Christian Aid)
  • An action to encourage you to take time out for prayer and stillness in the week
looks good, and affordable (£1 each or 85p each in a multipack) sample page here, and a good website here with resources for families, churches and schools.

Previous Collections on this blog at:

or follow the 'Lent' tab.
It just so happens that the number 40 has a particular significance for me today, but that's another story, involving large quantities of cake. Good job it's not Lent yet.

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