Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Free Booklets on church planting and emerging church

Over at the Church Army, ‘Encounters on the Edge’ have just had a clearout of back copies. I therefore have 10 copies each of over 30 titles, which are free to give away for local churches to use, study and reflect on, so if you're fairly local, do get in touch. If you'd like a batch of your own, they may still have some back copies spare (and if not they may send you a pdf, which is nice), but you need to be a subcriber: £15 a year for 4 books.

Each is about 24 pages long, and combines research, the story of a particular new church, and theological reflection. Here are the ones sitting in a box in my study:
  1. Community and youth
  2. Unit 8: a forgotten estate
  3. cell planting
  4. youth congregations
  5. what is church
  6. community engagement
  7. network churches
  8. multiple congregations
  9. what kind of leadership do new churches need?
  10. Church planting by a ‘graft’ of extra members
  11. midweek church
  12. alternative worship
  13. the church in exile
  14. Eden Project, Manchester
  15. Holy Trinity Bromptons church planting
  16. Catholic Fresh expressions
  17. church for addicts
  18. tough estates
  19. network churches
  20. cell church alongside congregations
  21. youth congregation
  22. Mission Shaped Church
  23. New housing areas
  24. Church in the workplace
  25. church for artists
  26. ecology and community
  27. rural fresh expressions
  28. rural cell church
  29. new monasticism
  30. mission and discernment
  31. church for under-5s
  32. simpler church


  1. I read these in the libary at Cliff whenever I go. I just love them and to join was above my meagre budget..

    Like your blog as well and have been trying to comment for a few weeks but have had browser issues.

    Obviously I will cover postage, but can I take one series of them please?

  2. Add me to the list.

    I'll be in contact to arrange pick up.

  3. i have the ones i need but will send others over when i get a mo.