Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christianity, A History - New Channel 4 Series

New TV series starting on Channel 4 on Sunday at 7pm, there's a tie-in article in the Independent which looks at the changing face of religious TV, and a bit of the background to the series. Here's a snippet

The eight films in our series are each authored by a different commentator with a particular view or stake in the topic. For instance, the Independent's own Howard Jacobson rails magnificently against Christianity's denial of Jesus' Jewishness, and explores how this laid the ground for 2,000 years of anti-semitism. Michael Portillo investigates the political ramifications of Christianity's acceptance into the Roman Empire. Robert Beckford embraces the British conversion to Christianity as the defining moment of our history. Rageh Omaar considers the taint of the Crusades on relations with Islam today, and Cherie Blair asks whether, after the horrors of the 20th-century, Christianity has a future in the 21st. What all the films have in common is the idea that, believer or not, you can't deny the continuing influence of faith on almost every aspect of our world today – and that includes television.

It also got a spread in the latest Radio Times. That's print media, you know, the stuff where you pick it up and turn pages.

Here's the series homepage on channel 4.

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