Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ignore Adverts and Think for Yourself: Dawkins

got to love this quote from Richard Dawkins.

I would call it consciousness raising. Just think for yourself, that’s all. Don’t listen to what a priest tells you, don’t listen to what a mullah tells you, don’t listen to what a rabbi tells you—think for yourself.

Anyone spot the logical flaw in this argument, given that it was in support of an advertising campaign?

another agnostibus comments roundup coming tomorrow morning.

And whilst we're here, a bit more research on how religion does you good. But make sure you think about it. Whoops - did I just tell you what to do? You don't want to listen to me.....

1 comment:

  1. This feels a bit like an unnecessary logical progression.

    Don't listen to anyone; make up your own mind.
    therefore: don't listen to religious leaders
    and (cunningly omitted by Dawkins): Don't listen to Dawkins
    and: don't listen to your parents
    and: don't listen to your spouse
    and: don't listen to any scientists
    and: don't listen to your lawyer
    (you get the idea)

    You may notice that all except the first line add nothing new to the argument; they are just logical extrapolations from the first line.

    He also seems to assume that because you 'listen' to someone that you automatically agree with them. I have never stopped thinking for myself despite having listened to priests, mullahs and rabbis.