Friday, January 09, 2009

Quote of last month

better late than never:

I don't actually mind being slagged off for my faith, or laughed at. I don't mind if folk think I'm bonkers. What would concern me far far more would be if I was being arrogant or pushy and deserving of the abuse.

Spoiled mollycoddled Christians in the comfortable West too often scream persecution when all that's happening is that their own lack of grace has rubbed folk up the wrong way, and those folk have, understandably, let them have it in return.

On the other hand, persecution is real and alive on planet Earth, and I pray for those who're experiencing the true variety.

posted by AnneDroid at Get out of Jail Free.


  1. Various links to this post suggest that it had something to say about John Fenton -- am I missing something?

  2. Hi Steve

    I don't think you are! Bishop Alan links to Get out of Jail Free, and he had a post on John Fenton this week:

    so someone may have got them mixed up?

  3. or did you mean my post, rather than Anne's? I certainly don't have anything to say about John Fenton, though perhaps I should....!!