Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another nail-biter

Following the parade of close-call sporting events in recent weeks, Tennis is now in on the act, with 11 players, including Scotlands Andy Murray, still in with a chance of grabbing the last 2 places in the end-of-season Masters competition. If, by any chance, you're interested, the ATP site has the very latest on the race here, and there's a live scoreboard from the make-or-break Paris Masters competition here (click on 'live score'). Murray is on court as I post (12 noon). As long as its not f*otb*ll, you'll hear it here first!

In the meantime, don't know whether to laugh or cry at the serialisation of Duncan Fletcher's memoirs, and the resultant tag wrestling match involving him, Boycott, Botham, Flintoff and anyone else with an opinion. It seems pretty heartless to for Fletcher to drag other people through the mud in public, even if he feels his life in the public eye was made harder by the actions of others. It's always a temptation for a leader, to use the limelight to settle scores with maximum damage, but where does revenge actually get us?


  1. Update: Murray won, whilst 4 other contenders fell by the wayside in the 3rd round. He's now through to the last 8, and 4 out of 5 of those still in with a chance of qualifying are playing each other tomorrow.

  2. Saturday morning: ah well, it was fun hoping.