Sunday, November 04, 2007

Advent and Christmas resources

Ok we're not even past bonfire night, but there's only 3 Sundays now before Advent starts, and my yearly quest for advent resources is just about starting. One resource we produced at my previous church was a short service for use with an advent wreath/candle at mealtimes, along with daily readings for Advent. You can find that here (the link also has a good resource section on the Jesse tree tradition)

Other handy links to Advent resources can be found at:
Anglicans Online
The Text This Week unfortunately some of the links are out of date is a good crib for the history of Advent and how it's celebrated in different places, with some good links at the end.

Advent at home:
Another format for Advent prayers in the home, from a more Cathlolic tradition, with simpler prayers than the link at the top of this post, and a good link to other child-friendly prayers
Celebrating Advent tells you how to make an Advent wreath, good link for families who like to make stuff together, with a simple structure for prayers and readings through Advent.

I guess in a lot of this my aim is to give normal Christians stuff that will help Advent and Christmas come alive for them, rather than things for churches to do. Equipping people to pray and worship at home, especially families who are trying to teach their children to pray and worship, is a vital task of the church.

And finally, a site with liturgies for 'Blue Christmas', an idea from over the pond which gives folk who don't enjoy Christmas the chance to worship anyway, in a slightly different mode from the normal carol service. I think this is a great idea. It's more Christmas than Advent, but if you're thinking about having one, now would be a good time to plan it in!

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