Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to pray for....

There seem to be prayer resources all over the web, the latest ones to appear on radar are here at the rejesus site, and they're very good, hope they do some more in this series. 4 prayer worksheets for people who arent' used to praying, or who need some help praying in a more creative way.

Whilst we're on the subject of prayer, other links to prayer resources on the web include:
1. Prayer exercises: see previous post on this at http://davidkeen.blogspot.com/2007/08/prayer-exercises.html

Lost in Wonder is, believe it or not, an online labyrinth, so now you can walk round in circles without leaving your chair. Or if your chair spins round....

Small rituals is a good collection of meditations, prayer activities, poems etc.

2. Prayer ideas for all-age church, see http://www.barnabasinchurches.org.uk/pages/483s.htm#Prayer - the Barnabas trust site has literally hundreds of ideas on prayer, using the Bible in worship etc.

3. Liturgical resources
http://www.oremus.org/liturgy/ which has a library of Anglican liturgical stuff from various places, and is itself signposted from a new Anglican resource site, Transforming Worship, which seems to be a good place for bringing together liturgy, set readings, hymns, seasonal materials etc.

Linked from both of the above is the CofE's own worship site, which if you dig around enough you can find 'New Patterns for Worship' complete and online. This is effectively a small library of liturgical bits and pieces, which is a sight cheaper to view online than it is to buy hardback!

4. Prayer and worship
Jonny Bakers worship tricks is a cumulative library of interactive ideas for use in worship, very creative, lots of poems, videos, photos etc., and collected from sources all over the place.

5. Subscription Sites
There are various other sites which want you to subcribe, or register, such as
12 baskets
and of course, Sermonspice, home of the Christmas Linebacker, where you can get an online preview of stuff before you part with large numbers of dollars

all of these last 4 seem designed for churches which use multimedia, projectors, videos and visuals, and are only really worth getting into if this is a regular thing in your worship.

But the last word (on a day where it was revealed that Brits were the biggest shoplifters in Europe, it seems we can't see something with a price tag without wanting it for free), must go to
http://www.blog.freechristianresources.org/ which is a website linking to free christian resources on the net, on the principle that God's love is free, so what business do Christians have in charging one another for stuff.


  1. Ha, ha, ha! The biggest shoplifters in Europe, and to think as a nation we are now thinking of decrimilising shoplifting.

    Thanks for the link to my site. I would say that I don't mind Christians charging for stuff (e.g. I have purchased many Christian CDs and fully support this). The inspiration for the website is that there is so much great free stuff available but it can be difficult to find. I hope in time my website will be a place Christians can go to to find free things to help them in their lives and I hope they will offer donations to support the ministries that help them.

    I like the look and design of this blog. I'll have a proper look later!

  2. david - I only came across your site this week, and likewise haven't explored it very much. The problem I find is that there is so much stuff out there that it's very hard to filter out the things I don't need. Even the brief list in this posting links to thousands of internet pages, and it would take ages to look at them all. If sites like yours can evaluate as well as link, they'll be doing the rest of us a great service!!

  3. I completely agree. In fact this was one of the things that "inspired" me. Any lists of resources were about as useful as searching via google as there was no evaluation or rating or help. There were a few exceptions but these tended to be be looking at specific areas rather than all Christian things.

    The only trouble is evaluating each site does take a lot of time, which is probably why other people have not done it! As such my site is far from the finished article, but every week I am trying to review and add more websites.