Sunday, November 04, 2007

Most popular Bible Verse

Thanks for Dave Walker for the pointer to TopVerses, a new website which lists Bible verses by how many times they are cited on the internet.

At present, bottom of the pile is 1 Chronicles 25:23, which I'm sure you all know by heart, coming in as the 37059th most popular Bible verse, some way behind John 3:16 and all the usual suspects. However, this will probably be a self-unfulfilling prophecy, as by citing it here, that may cause a sudden surge up the rankings. I just hope that 'Hananiah, his sons and his brothers, twelve' aren't too bothered about how popular they are on t'internet. Inexplicably, the verses either side are both about 10,000 places higher, so Jeremoth and Joshbekashah are probably giving Hananiah, his sons and his brothers 12 a bit of a ribbing about it.

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