Monday, November 05, 2007

The UK's vainest women?

The following story from the BBC website:

Liverpool women 'UK's vainest'

Women in Liverpool are the vainest in the UK - checking their appearance in a mirror up to 71 times a day, according to a new survey. The city topped a poll ahead of London and Newcastle.

Some women re-apply make-up as many as 11 times a day. Rosalind Chapman, from Transformulas International, which commissioned the survey said it proved that British women like to look good.

She said: "British people often get criticised for not being as image conscious as our European counterparts but this survey is the proof that we love to check our appearance and look good."

Comment: Ms Chapman has obviously never been to Liverpool. It's not vanity, they're checking that their hair extensions haven't been nicked.

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