Saturday, October 10, 2015

Prayer for #WorldMentalHealthDay


  1. I am mentally ill because a person who proclaimed themselves as a Christian, and who is now ordained, said Christian words to me, whilst doing unchristian things to me.

    I realised that the only remedy was mutual forgiveness and reconciliation, requested the same and was refused.

    The result is cognitive dissonance, anxiety and depression at one of only two possible conclusions, either:

    (1) that I am reprobate and sentenced to eternal death, or

    (2) that the faith is false and I should acquire another belief system.

    If you have been, thanks for reading.

    Your obedient servant,


  2. That's dreadful. There is a 3) not everyone who calls themselves a Christian acts like one, but 2) is often the result, and completely understandable. Some despicable acts are done under the cloak of religion.