Monday, September 28, 2015

Northern Power Failure

1700 jobs are to go in Redcar, with the closure of the Teeside steel works. The response from the government is a 'taskforce' and a 'steel summit'. I can see the long grass from here. It doesn't help that there isn't a single Conservative MP in the urban NE of England. Biblical justice sees power being excercised on behalf of the vulnerable, not simply wielded by the strong. A 'Northern Powerhouse' worth the name wouldn't let Redcar go to the wall.

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  1. This...

    "They say that salmon swim in steel river
    They say it's good to see them back again
    I know it hurts to see what really happened
    I know one salmon ain't no good to them
    They were born and raised to serve their steel mother
    It was they taught and all they ever knew
    And they believed that she would keep their children
    Even though not a single word was true..."

    I saw this all happening thirty years and more ago when I lived up there, looks like the b*ggers have come back to finish the job.

    (Oh, and there were plenty of people I knew who worked for British Steel and ICI and lived out in Great Ayton and Stokesley, in the constituency of Tory Leon Brittan)