Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Question for General Synod Candidates

I've just posted the following to the 'e-hustings' for our diocese, for the candidates for the new General Synod of the CofE

The Church of England is currently losing 10-15% of its adult members every decade, the figures for youth and children are worse. Projected full-time clergy numbers are 5,000, in a system designed to work with 3 times that number. What is the role of General Synod in a) promoting growth in parish churches and b) restructuring the national and local church before the CofE collapses under its own weight?

Background info
Attendance: recent, long-term
Clergy numbers.

Justin Welby is grasping more nettles than most of his predecessors put together, so I'm hopeful that we have the leadership in the CofE to engage with these issues. But we can't afford to faff about the way we did with women bishops. We have to have a Synod that makes engaging with these issues its top priority.

I'll be very interested to see what the answers are....

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  1. Excellent questions! Keep us posted...