Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fresh Expressions: New Resources - vids, books, stories.

Various new bits and pieces coming out from Fresh Expressions:

Sanctus: Fresh Expressions of Church in the Sacramental Tradition, a new DVD with 7 different stories of contemplative/sacramental style Fresh Expressions. Good viewing for catholics who are more concerned about mission than about ecumenical politics. And even those who aren't.
And for non-catholics who are..... well, here's the vid anyway:

Mission-shaped congregations, a new DVD with resources for folk who want to introduce Fresh Expressions and the thinking of the Mission Shaped Church report to their churches.

Very encouraging story of a brand new church in a new housing area near Kettering, engaging with the community. Sounds great, though I wonder if the group of laypeople would have been able to kick this off themselves before the 'official' pioneer leader arrived. New housing is a mission challenge here in Yeovil, but the model of sending in a paid professional to each estate isn't practical or sustainable.

Changing church for a changing world, new book exploring FX in the Methodist Church. The Methodists have also announced £7m of funding for new outreach with under-30's, here's the story from the Methodist Recorder, in case the link expires:

PIONEERING mission is “firmly on the agenda of the Methodist Church”, it has been declared, as work progresses with the implementation of a ground-breaking £7 million initiative to reach Britain’s “unchurched” young adults.

This affirmation of Methodism’s dedication to pioneering ministries has come from the co-ordinator of VentureFX, the Church’s 10-year scheme to recruit pioneer leaders who can plant new Christian communities – rooted in the Methodist tradition – for people in their 20s and 30s who have no connection to Church.

Launched earlier this year, the scheme will seek to establish five projects a year during the next few years, reaching the total of 20 within its first phase (Recorder, February 5). These projects will be jointly sponsored by VentureFX and local circuits or Districts who are “enthusiastic” about reaching this “missing generation”.

The Church is inviting circuits and Districts to propose suitable projects where pioneer leaders might work. It has also begun the process of selecting the leaders, who can be lay or ordained. With these key stages under way, VentureFX co-ordinator the Rev Ian Bell has reminded Methodists of the importance of the initiative, which he believes is “a truly Methodist way of responding to contemporary mission needs”.

You can sign up for a monthly FX e-newsletter through contact@freshexpressions.org.uk

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