Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Move Over, Nicene Creed 2

Following on from yesterday, here is a modern Christian creed, Pete Grieg's vision of "an army of young people - the tattoo on their back reads 'for me to live is Christ, to die is gain'.... who can stop them?... a generation (that) prays like a dying man".


  1. Not so much a creed as the application of a creed, a bit like Sacrifice, by Howard Guinness

  2. Which is kind of the point: if you had 2 identical churches, one of which declared this together every week as its standard of faith/behaviour, and one of which said together a traditional creed, would there be any discernible differences in, say, 12 months time? How would we expect those 2 churches to develop, and to differ?

    I often wonder if the 4th century substitution of a statement of doctrine in place of a commitment to a certain lifestyle (see Pliny on early church life) did the church a disservice over the long run.