Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is it worth it?

Had a card today from a friend who was looking forward to this blog restarting for Easter. Is it worth it?

During Lent I had the misfortune to watch this, two of the 'top' (according to Wikio) bloggers in the UK, fighting like 3 year olds in a ball pit, and taking their in-house blogosphere argument into the bemused studios of the BBC. It's embarrassing to be associated with the blogging medium if these are some of our star players.

There'll be a few Easter posts towards the end of the week, then Spring Harvest, then a few posts on a project I'm working on, doing a survey of every Diocesan website in England looking at resources on mission & fresh expressions, and highlighting good resources which could be used in any Diocese. Out of the first 8, Bristol is the star site so far, one or two others are starting to develop good sections where local churches can share good practice with one another.

In the meantime, follow the passion story in real time via Twitter, or have a look at this Facebook passion (Ht Bosco Peters), brilliant.


  1. Oh, come on David. Dolly Draper is a self-regarding Peter Mandelson wannabe and Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) is a thin-skinned hater of Labour, who as a self-proclaimed libertarian condemns others for suppressing the truth while threatening those who criticise him with libel writs in order to shut them up. In short, both are damaged goods with large tribal followings. But the "best of the bloggers" – bollocks.

  2. Well said, Doug!

    David: Jesus didn't redeem the world by walking away from it; and we won't help the blogosphere by abandoning it. But you know that. Incarnation is what following Jesus is about in my book. Would prefer not to get crucified but I seem to remember Jesus spelling out the risks pretty clearly...

    Welcome back, bro'!

  3. Hi chaps

    Doug - I did say 'if'. And it did make me embarassed to call myself a blogger, it makes it look like blogging is just for those people with no friends who could never master a skateboard as a teenager and took to hunching their pallid faces over a computer instead.