Sunday, May 06, 2012

Pornography consultation: what about Freeview?

The government is consulting on whether to move the goalposts on access to online pornography. The current default setting is that, unless people opt out, you can get at pretty much anything on the web. This is like moving into a new house and accepting an open sewer running past the front door. I'm hoping the government switches to an 'opt in' version, where the default setting is that you can't see people degrading themselves and one another via your computer.

But why stop there? Following the digital switchover, open sewers have been installed in the corner of every living room in the land (if you're lucky enough to have a living room - anyone in a house built since 2000 will be lucky to to have room for a TV).

Along with Freeview comes a batch of 'adult' channels which are installed automatically, and then need to be blocked. There's probably an army of enterprising teens who have already hacked past their parents password to get round this.

If it's good enough for the web, it's good enough for TV too. Adult content shouldn't be part of the standard Freeview package, and adult channels shouldn't be automatically installed on free digital services.

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