Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ebuzzing top blogs, May 2012

I have no idea how accurate these are (see below), but for the record:

1. the Freethinker
2. Thinking Anglicans
3. Krish Kandiah
4. Peter Saunders - Christian Medical Comment
5. eChurch Blog
6. is the news aggregator Anglican Mainstrem, which isn't a blog
7. iBenedictines
8. Islam in Europe
9. the BIGBible Project
10. God and Politics (good to see this in the top 10, great blog)

It being the 5th month, here are some 'randomly' selected others - my main use of Ebuzzing is to discover other blogs -
15. Nick Baines
25  An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy
35 What's in Kelvins Head (Provost of Glasgow Cathedral, very readable)
45 Dyfed Wyn Roberts: theology beyond the fence
55 Looking Deeper (Lucy Mills). Love the poems
65 Rev Ruths Rantings
75 A Reader in Writing (has sections on 'Wildlife', 'Theology' and 'Mothers Union'. I'm just glad if I can tell the difference)
85 Distinct Reflections  written by baptist minister Neil Brighton
95 Views News and Pews

Full list here.

For statistical purists, a few riders
 - as far as I know, the ranking above depends on links and traffic from other Ebuzzing registered blogs. That cuts out plenty of traffic sources, and it also means if you're not registered, you don't get in the listing.
 - Ebuzzing isn't that good at spotting all said links, based on the evidence of my own blog!
 - most of my traffic actually comes via Twitter and Facebook, not sure how well this is picked up either.
 - Cranmer, the top blog in this category, is in the 'politics' category, and apparently you're not allowed to cover more than one subject.  Heresy Corner would be somewhere in here too, if it were allowed.
 - but, in the absence of Church Mouse and Rev Lesley, someone has to keep new media lists alive, so....

It's quite US-centric, but the best ranking device for Christian blogs is this one, which combines several different indicators into a single rating.


  1. Totally agree re God and Politics. He's going places that's for sure....

  2. Thank you for doing this rankings round up. I always look forward to your monthly summary.

    Last month I had a welcome spike, so this month I'll be heading down the table.

    Also, have you noticed that Vicky Beeching is listed under three categories at ebuzzing? She's also listed at Music and Culture. Does she get special privileges because she is famous?

  3. come on CM, I'm sure you've got more to say than that ;-) Sorry, that's not very pastoral is it?