Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jesus Christ, Masterchef

Considering he spent most of his working life in the building trade, Jesus seems to have turned out as a decent cook. I'm not sure his judgement of quantities was quite so good - perhaps that's why he needed people like Matthew and Judas around, with an eye for detail and cost.

Wedding at Cana - great wine, but late on in the feast, and far too much for the guests to get through.

Feeding of the 5000 - 'they all ate and were satisfied' and there were still 12 baskets of leftovers.

Breakfast by the lake in John 21 - Jesus cooks breakfast for the disciples, invites them to come and join him, but still needs 'some of the fish that you've caught'.

This cavalier attitude to food spills over into the parables: banquets are ordered and prepared before the guest list is fully known, fatted calves are slaughtered for waster relatives. And, like the Tiger Who Came to Tea, Jesus didn't have a problem inviting himself to people's houses for dinner (Zaccheus) or inviting the disciples to turn up with no food in strange places on his account and expect to be fed (Luke 10).

All completely irresponsible. Doesn't he know there's a recession on?

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