Monday, May 28, 2012

Abbey Manor Jubilee Big Lunch

What started out as a simple idea - have a shared church lunch for the Jubilee and invite your friends - is spiralling out of control a bit. Our local Big Lunch is becoming a rather large pile of things in the corner of my study - bunting, cutlery (red, white and blue), plates, flags, tablecloths etc.

Somewhere up the road, a kind helper is cutting out crown shapes from card, someone else is baking a cake, and Yeovil Ales are readying a couple of boxes of their special Jubilee Brew. St. James Community Choir are preparing for their first public gig, and we're hoping for a few dancers from a local ballet group as well.

On the flakier side, we have no idea how many people will come, what the weather will be like, and I'm in robust negotiations with Carling, who promised free beer to Big Lunch organisers but have turned down my bid for 105 bottles of ale.

For local folk who are interested, live details on the Abbey Manor Community page on Facebook, or the Abbey Manor Big Lunch for the Diamond Jubilee  event page. And if you're in the area this weekend, pop along to Abbey Manor Community centre from 12.15pm onwards, bring a bit of grub, and join in the feast!

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