Friday, May 18, 2012

How To Preach and Watch the Olympics at the Same Time

Hot on the heels of the Holy Water Bucket, another corker from Kevin Mayhew

Yes, with the Digital Lectern you can 'look at your notes' without ever losing pesky bits of paper on the floor, and catch the beach volleyball at the same time. Why spend a couple of hundred quid on a basic notebook when you can splash £1345 on a nice wooden stand with one built in? The portability is a bit tricky -  I'm not sure the other folk in the cafe will take too well to your 'laptop', and it's a bit bulky for carrying around. But hey, this is the reason why people in church sacrificially give, so that the preacher can have an autocue.

The marketing for this is that it gives 'hassle free, paperless services'. Though of course, it's always worth printing out your sermon in full, just in case the screen crashes.....

Own up folks, who's thinking to themselves, in the immortal words of Will Smith 'I have got to get me one of these!' ???

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  1. Probably better value just to buy your vicar an iPad. They'd be more happy too. It would be easier to take to bed to play Angry Birds on.