Monday, October 03, 2011

Top Posts for September

Here are the posts that got most attention last month. Whether they were worthy of it, I'll leave you to judge:

Archbishop of Canterbury: Runners and Riders. Following the news that Rowan Williams may one day retire (now overtaken by the governments complete removal of retirement), a few left-field suggestions for the job.

Archbishop of Canterbury: the All-Woman Shortlist. Well, nearly. Just in case Harriet Harman happens to be reading.

What to do with the children during after-service coffee. I hasten to add we've not actually tried this.

Latest Church of England stats: probably more comment to come on these in the next few days.

Warning Sign Generator: a bit of an oldie, seem to get a lot via Google for this one.

The God Complex: Who Do Time Lords Pray To? a desperate attempt to increase blog traffic by mentioning Doctor Who. Or, as it's now known since the series finale, Doctor Huh?

Housing Developers Stop You Being Christian   by building homes too small for occupiers to show hospitality. There, you don't even need to read the post now.

I only posted about 30 times, so running to a top 10 is probably a bit OTT... And I've no idea if these are the actual top posts, they're based on the 'Blogger Stats' tab, which is throwing up some 'interesting' referral sites. But they'll do for now.

Thanks for reading.

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