Wednesday, October 05, 2011

David Cameron Speech Wordle: the Cat Version. Is 'Leadership' Enough?

this shape seemed somehow appropriate.

What struck me most was Camerons continued references to leadership. The word crops up 19 times, both in terms of national government, and in fleshing out some of the 'Big Society' stuff - leadership as the bottom-up response to social challenges, schooling, health, citizenship, business growth, jobs etc.

But..... I agree with Cameron on the importance of leadership, and have said many times on this blog how important leadership is within the church. But leadership on its own isn't enough. It has to go together with character. Colonel Gadaffi, Fred Goodwin and Alan Sugar are all leaders, and in their own way have been very effective. But leaders characterised by brutality, greed and the unscrupulous pursuit of money aren't the kind of leaders we need.

It's having the right mix of competence and character, leaders with integrity. And right now if you look in politics, media, business, sport, pretty much every high profile area of national life, where are the leaders of good character? And how are we going to raise up a generation of leaders who see integrity and compassion as more valuable than riches or fame?

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  1. It was a very unconvincing 'pep' talk. Well, I wasn't convinced. The question at the end of your post is significant and challenging. I think the raising up of leaders of integrity and compassion has to start with the pre-school stage. People's core values are shaped very early - on the other hand it's never too late for transformation.