Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mentoring Matters - new CPAS resource

CPAS have just launched a new resource to help local churches get a mentoring network established. If Mentoring Matters is anything like the quality of Growing Leaders, then it should be excellent. The resource includes a training course, a framework for people to start mentoring other folk within the congregation, and all the leaders resources you need.

We're wrestling more and more with the question of discipleship. Alan Hirsch notes that if the church doesn't disciple people, then the culture will. But it's obvious that a 20 minute sermon once a week (or, more realistically, every other week) isn't doing the trick. In 2 Timothy Paul writes that Timothy has seen not just his teaching, but his 'way of life, faith, patience, love, perseverance and suffering'. Discipleship happens in relationships, not in pews, and the mentoring relationship seems like a great way to help people have the God-focused and discipleship-focused conversations we need to grow.

I like this quote, not just because it comes from a friend of mine...!! 'I don't think we're intended to grow as disciples on our own. Mentoring is not about giving someone permission to barge into your life, it's about helping you achieve growth which you couldn't achieve on your own.'

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