Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wikio Top Religion Blogs for September

Wikio have just put up their list of top blogs for last month, here's the top 10
1. echurch blog
2. Islam in Europe
3. The Freethinker
4. Thinking Anglicans
5. Bartholemews Notes on Religion
6. Nick Baines
7. Pete Saunders, Christian Medical Comment
8. Lesleys Blog
9. The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
10. Phil's Treehouse

You can find the full list here. The most influential blogger in this field, Cranmer, is missed off because it doesn't look like you can be in 2 categories at once, and he's mixing it with the Politics blogs.

 - This list is more diverse than it was a couple of years ago, when it was dominated by Anglican and Catholic blogs.
 - Nick Baines seems to have replaced Bishop Alan as the chief blogger in the purple, which has resulted in various religious correspondents now having him on speed dial, just beneath Terry Sanderson.
 - I've left Anglican Mainstream off the list, even though they're technically in the top 10, because it's not a blog. They cut and paste news stories from elsewhere and don't allow comments. At least Nadine Dorries writes her own stuff.

The ranking is mainly calculated by links from other blogs, rather than traffic, and you have to be registered with Wikio to qualify. So it's pretty limited, and doesn't register links from Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms. But as the man says, life's complicated enough. If nothing else, it's a good starting point for discovering blogs you've never read before.

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  1. Quite why Wikio think that The Freethinker is a religion blog I don't know, as its masthead claims to be the 'voice of atheism since 1881'. Also, by implication, all others are not freethinkers, aren't we?