Sunday, September 14, 2008

Noel Edmonds: Criminal Mastermind

Having made his name at the BBC, TV presenter Noel Edmonds is now refusing to pay his license fee, because he doesn't like the threatening tone of the adverts which encourage folk to pay. Ah well, that's grabbed the headlines anyway, just as Edmonds is launching a new series on Sky. Is he not paying his Sky subscription either, because they've outbid terrestrial suppliers on key sports for years, denying many of us the TV we used to get on the (much cheaper) license fee? Possibly not. Okay then, do it as a gesture of solidarity with the Chinese against book-banning, Dalai-dissing Rupert Murdoch. You've bitten one feeding hand, why not go for a complete set?

Edmonds says: "We have a society where we blame someone else when something goes wrong", and he's also quoted as saying "The politicians - and I'm talking about Gordon Brown - have had their day," he said. "They've had their chance to do it and look at the mess we're now in." So that would be blaming someone else (politicians) for when somethings gone wrong. Excuse me whilst I sink my teeth into a solid object and emit a muted cry of anguish. With logic like that, there's no end to the criminal actions you could justify.


  1. I don't pay a TV license. But then, I don't have a TV.

  2. And I'd guess you're not a celebrity with a net worth of several million, based on a career launched and sustained by the Beeb over many years? Or is 'Joe' some mysterious disguise?

  3. Not sure if his status makes any difference - if he doesn't have a TV he doesn't need a license.

    I am, of course, a celebrity.

  4. Fantastic post, Dave! I might not understand the ins and outs of the SPCK but the insidiousness of Noel Edmonds is a topic we can all relate to.