Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cricket Crunch

Returning from a very good clergy conference (yes, you heard me right), to find that our modest stock market investment is now worth less than a postage stamp, but even worse my cricket club has folded. Tintinhull CC is no more, at least for the time being. Injuries, weather, Curry Rivel, our foes have been numerous and merciless, and there's been too much to do for the same core of faithful people.

Thankyou to Lindsay, Jerry, Colin and Ticker, and to everyone else who made me feel welcome at the club. I'd just about decided to stop playing cricket on Saturdays from next year anyway, as Sundays tend to get a bit busy in this job, and my kids are starting school, so that makes my mind up for me. A great shame.


  1. Dear David
    I am writing a novel and I wondered if I could make your St Aidan into the patron saint of cricket.
    We are talking about a fictitious
    Medellin Cartel Cricket League here.
    Let me know! John Parr kind regards

  2. Dear John
    I guess if it's fiction you can make Aidan patron saint of whatever you like! He's already patron saint of Northumbria and firefighters, and some of us think he should replace St. George as patron saint of England too, but that's another topic.....

    For me, St. Peter is the patron saint of cricket - the first recorded cricketing incident is Acts Chapter 2, on the day of Pentecost, when "Peter stood up with the 11 and boldly declared".