Thursday, November 06, 2014

Early Christmas

Well, if John Lewis can do it....a couple of early Christmas goodies, for fellow vicars/church leaders whose December diaries are already starting to twitch.

The Nativity According to Chocolate: there are probably several versions of this around, here's mine. Big advantage of this Christmas talk is you can eat it all afterwards. It's about the only sermon I've preached more than once by popular demand.

Beatbox Bible: the source of the Beatbox nativity, there's now a range of Christmas-related raps to choose from based on the early chapters of Luke. I've just downloaded the Annunciation story for £3.23, to use in the Yeovil College carol service. The theme is 'Christmas Remixed' so it'll work a treat.

There, that's the reading and talk sorted. For anything else, try these links at Godspace.

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