Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Job Description for a Bishop

Our new Bishop of Bath and Wells is being installed this weekend (makes him sound like a piece of software). Here is the opening section of his job description, or 'Archbishops Charge' to give it the proper title:

Recalling God’s mission entrusted by Christ to His Church to proclaim God’s Kingdom, to  heal the sick and to make disciples of all nations, I now set before you the key tasks identified for you by the Crown Nominations Commission, to guide you as you prepare to take up your new office and ministry 

 To share the gospel across the diocese of Bath and Wells and to nurture the confidence of others to do likewise; to foster spiritual and numerical growth in parishes, benefices and communities encouraging aspirations for a growing and flourishing Church. 

That'll do for starters. See the rest here. It would be great if this (or a version of it) could be the opening paragraph of every clergy job description in the Diocese too. After all, it's only 69 years since the CofE recommended this change, I think that's long enough to wait.

Peter Hancock, the new bishop, has even recorded a Pentecost sermon for showing in local churches this Sunday:

"each and every day I need to ask God the Holy Spirit to stir me up, in order that my life might reflect faithfully the love of Christ"

"Send your Holy Spirit upon us
and clothe us with power from on high"

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  1. I'll remember this the next time I enthronize some software.