Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Social Media Guidlines

The sagacious Steve Tilley has written some social media guidelines for the Diocese of Bath and Wells. You can see the whole document here, but I didn't get much further than page 1:

The immediacy of social media is one of its benefits – we can respond quickly to questions, correct misunderstandings, give our perspective about a breaking story in the news media. Responding quickly doesn’t mean doing so without due consideration. 
Before posting always think: 
 Is this my story to share? 
 Would I want my mum to read this? 
 Would I want God to read this? 
 Would I want this on the front page of a newspaper? 

what are your social media rules of thumb?

update: if you ignore the headlines, and the picture of a severe looking vicar, media reporting has been fairly balanced: Telegraph, Independent


  1. Ta for the link - I must have a read. My rule of thumb for social media done om behalf of church is - I only post things I’d be happy saying, playing or displaying to the congregation in church

    and by way of pay it back - this post http://bit.ly/1aeTsGk on last weeks london church conference maybe useful

  2. To be fair, I wrote the ten top tips accompanying article, not the main piece which was diocesan comms team.