Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Gifts: Archbishop v Advertisers

There's a Justin Welby interview with money saving expert Martin Lewis due for broadcast this evening, which is already making the news. Here's some of it:
The archbishop said that if he suggested that people should stop giving Christmas gifts, no-one would listen.
"It's obviously not what Christmas is about but to be absolutely honest, there's not that much point in saying it because nobody's going to pay attention," he said.
He added: "Giving at Christmas reflects that generosity of God. So be generous in a way that shows love and affection rather than trying to buy love and affection," he said.
"You can't buy it, you can show it, and when you show it, it comes back at you with interest.
"Save up for the Christmas budget, be sensible, don't put pressure on your finances - don't make your life miserable with Christmas.
"Share love and affection with reasonable gifts that demonstrate you really care for someone. That makes for the best Christmas you could ever have."
The CofE daily bulletin also has some of the coverage. There is a relentless attempt by advertisers to define what Christmas is about, and of course their false paradise includes us spending more money than last year on stuff we never knew we could manage without. I hope the Archbishops voice is heard above the beeping credit card machines.

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  1. That's really interesting as I shared a link this morning to a Christmas post I wrote last year about the very same thing. Justin is constantly demonstrating wisdom in how he advises and interacts - he knows how people will react and so guides from the sides rather than using a fierce bash over the head. About time we had a leader who can lead!