Saturday, May 04, 2013

Google vs The Church of England?

According to some media reports earlier this week, a new study had revealed that Google was more trusted than the Church of England. The reality, of course, is much more interesting than what you read in the media. 

The question is part of a bigger study Future of Britain, put together by the OMD consultancy (no, not that OMD). There's lots of other material in the report which I'll blog on in the next few days, but here's the full set of answers to that Google question. 

To what extent do you feel each of the following types of business have your interests at heart? (top 3)
The NHS 37%
Police 26%
Big charities 21%
Supermarkets 19%
Google 17%
Religious institutions 17%
building societies 15%
local authorities 10%
private healthcare companies 9%
Facebook 9%
legal profession 8%
Banks 7%
The media 6%
utility companies 6%
Insurance companies 5%
political parties 3%

There are quite a few interesting findings here:
 - The NHS being top isn't a surprise, it is our national religion after all.
 - Despite the bad press over pricing, undercutting other retailers, horse meat etc., supermarkets have done surprisingly well. 
 - Google comes across as the oddity - religious institutions are pretty much level with building societies, supermarkets and charities. 
 - What a surprise that the media reports didn't mention that hardly anyone thinks the media has their best interests at heart. 

The report isn't available online, but if you email them and ask nicely....

Update: There appears to be a bit of doublethink going on too: 100% of the respondents to the survey disagreed with the statement "large multinational retailers are reliable and I trust them". If that's how people feel about Wal-mart, Tesco etc., then it's quite hard to see how, logically, you would also think these organisations had your best interests at heart.

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