Saturday, June 30, 2012

South Somerset Local Plan - final consultation

Full details of the revised Local Plan for South Somerset have now gone up on the council website, there's a 6 week consultation window until early August, all the responses go to the national Planning Inspectorate, who then carry out a public enquiry into the plan. If approved, the plan will be finalised in 2013, which is a bit odd given that it dates from 2006.

Respondents are encouraged to say supportive as well as critical things. Once I've had a plough through I may try and highlight one or two things here. The headline is still the proposed 2500 home extension on the South side of Yeovil, and still in the plan is the report which recommends a sizeable site for 'faith infrastructure' as part of that new estate (p28-9). Might be an interesting precedent for other local councils in the area?

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