Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ChurchCheck: Hire your own Mystery Worshipper

Christian Research are offering some quality control to churches who'd like to be welcoming but suspect they may not be....

Christian Research in partnership with Retail Maxim is now giving churches the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of a newcomer. ChurchCheck is designed to evaluate and assist the improvement of churches through a professional worship assessment service.

ChurchCheck evaluators are trained to assess factors such as the state of the notice board , warmth of welcome and length of the sermon through to the after service conversation and evidence of fair trade.

All ChurchCheck Visitors are fully trained in assessing church services, based in all regions and will visit churches of any denomination.

To arrange a ChurchCheck for your church or if you want any further information, click the following link

Or you could do what one vicar did (I think this really happened, rather than being an urban myth), which is pay a few folks at the local pub £10 each to come along to church one morning, then chat about it over a pint afterwards. My question here is: will a Christian visitor pick up everything that needs to be picked up?
Or save yourself some cash, and see if the original Mystery Worshipper has been already. The entry for St. Pauls Cathedral earlier this year makes interesting reading.


  1. Maybe St Paul's Cathedral should offer the protesters a tenner each to move on quietly?

    More seriously, I like the idea of paying the pub-goers to become church-goers for a morning: neat :)

  2. "from the after service conversation to evidence of fair trade" Hilarious! Sorry, "Church Check"!? I am sorry but i find this a tad sad! but it has brought a smile to my face! hilarious! Must get back to work, perhaps I'll look back later. Ta for making me smile!