Monday, May 10, 2010

Doctor Who and the Premier League

It's either consistency, or a scriptwriter running out of ideas, but in 2 recent Dr Who episodes, the alien of the week has used a cloaking device to disguise themselves as humans. Back in David Tennants swansong, it was green cacti humanoids, and on Saturday it was the turn of the fish from outer space who'd settled in medieval Venice.

More on that story later. But what if other things are using a cloaking device too? What happens, for example, if we disable the one used by footballs' Premier League? Here's the final table.

1. Mammon
2. Mammon United
3. Mammon
4. Mammon Hotspur
5. Mammon City
6. Mammon Villa (but see first comment)
7. Mammon
8. Mammon
9. Mammon City
10. Mammon Rovers
11. Mammon City
12. Mammon
13. Mammon
14. Mammon Wanderers
15. Mammon Wanderers
16. Mammon Athletic
17. Mammon Ham United
18. Mammon
19. Mammon
20. Mammon (or -Mammon, to be more accurate)

Back to the fish people. They'd hit a snag, having run out of females, so their idea was to (avoid if squeamish) drain the blood of earth women and replace it with their own, which would turn them into female fish folk. Given the origin of several of the above teams as social/youth projects, one has to wonder something of the original spirit of football has been drained out. What transfusion process has happened at the top tier of the 'beautiful game'?

Final connection: on Sunday we looked at Isaiah 6 - there's a change of government (the king has died) so Isaiah goes to pray. He sees God as he really is (awesome beyond words), through that he sees himself as he really is (sinful beyond words), but once the divine X-rays have revealed his own heart, Isaiah is then cleaned up and commissioned to be part of the solution. Seeing things as they truly are is how we diagnose sickness, and find the way back to health. If we'd switched off the cloaking device on the debt crunch and the housing bubble, perhaps we'd be in less mess now. I note that it's quietly being reactivated in the hope that nobody will notice.

Regular readers will know that I prefer cricket to football, and I'm fearful of the same tranfusion there. Will Yorkshire always be Yorkshire? Already their ground is named after a sponsor, though at least the sponsor is educational...


  1. Your Mammon Villa's shirt sponsor is a charity so I'm not sure that really qualifies as selling their soul.

  2. Thanks Andy, hadn't logged that. I rather like Martin O'Neill, so that's a bit of a relief.