Friday, April 30, 2010

'How to Live a Simple Life' St. Francis meets Indiana Owen-Jones

Rev. Peter Owen-Jones attempt to live on next to nothing is finally showing next week. 'How to Live a Simple Life' airs next Friday at 9pm, a direct clash with Ashes to Ashes, which is a bit of a pain. It sounds like typical PoJ stuff - find something a bit off the wall and throw yourself completely into it. Except he's trying to live like a 13th century monk in 21st century East Sussex (corrected - thanks Banksy). Full marks for trying, should be a fascinating series. Is it still possible to live simply, or do social structures no longer allow it?

Some of the blurb
Anglican priest, Peter Owen Jones, goes back to basics to try and live a simple and more meaningful life, inspired by the teachings of St Francis of Assisi, for a major new BBC Two series – How To Live A Simple Life.

The series was filmed over an eight-month period in Pete's small Sussex country village of Firle. Like millions of others Pete felt caught up in a pointless frenzy of spending.

St Francis was inspired by Jesus' sermon in the Gospel to live a life of "voluntary poverty" as the key to deeper relations with both nature and your fellow being.

Pete must grow his own crops, raise chickens, barter his skills for cuts of meat and even live without money.

He has to throw himself at the mercy of his community in the village of Firle, and ultimately at the mercy of total strangers, as he takes to the road without money, begging for food and accommodation.

After living a simple life, will Pete find that real meaning comes from helping one another rather than from mindless spending?


  1. One to watch... slightly worried about your spatial awareness tho', think you mean East Sussex and not East Anglia?!

  2. St Francis of Assisi thought it a good idea to burn heretics and witches?. the program, simplistic twaddle, long live tv so these people can continue to chase egoistic delusion.