Monday, December 07, 2009

Good News on Mental Illness support

Great to hear that the Government wants to put more resources into tackling mental illness. That announcement at least makes more sense than the idea of naming and shaming public sector employees who are overpaid - bizarre to name and shame your own employees for the money you decide to pay them, but there you go.

A very sensible 'expert' was on the air on Jeremy Vine at lunchtime: not the first one, who seemed to be making more of a political point about inequality, and then didn't stick around for the inevitable critique of her position. Yes poverty is a big factor in mental illness, but it's far more complex than that. Following on was a very sensible GP (I think), Sarah Jarvis, who is well worth a listen, nails lots of myths and makes lots of excellent points in a very succinct way. The section on depression starts at about 1 hr 9 min 15 sec in.

More on the topic in general at the BBC's Headroom site.

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