Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Worldometer

can be found here. Literally up to the minute info about the world - how many people were born today, how many died today, how much CO2 we churned out, very eye-opening.

Initially found it through a v nice site with lots of prayer ideas: http://www.youthideas.co.uk/yw/blog/labels/Prayer.html don't let the 'youth' put you off, there are plenty of creative prayer exercises that could be done with all ages.

Whilst I'm on the subject http://www.crusaders.org.uk/praycreate.html has more creative prayer ideas, and links to good resource sites on the web.

http://www.prayerrequests.co.uk/CreativeArchive1.html is even better, some of the classic creative prayer methods (e.g. using the fingers as a cue for prayer), and more aimed at an all-age audience. They add a new creative prayer idea every week, which is quite handy.

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