Thursday, June 07, 2007

Changing Lives conversation mornings

All the vicars in Bath and Wells Diocese have been invited to 'conversation mornings' on the Diocesan strategy 'Changing Lives, Changing Churches for Changing Communities'. As half of my job is to act as 'facilitator' for said strategy in the Yeovil area, I'm looking forward to seeing what's said.

I guess comments will be fed through other local vicars, but if you're in the Yeovil Deanery, it would be really interesting to hear from you along the following lines:
a) what you think Changing Lives is about
b) what's good about it
c) what isn't so good about it
d) to what extent it's seen as an optional extra in the life of your church.

Either post a comment here or email me. There aren't any right answers to these, especially question 1. I've yet to meet anyone who can give me a clear answer to a. Even Diocesan staff will tell you it's evolving.

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