Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Buffet ministry

At the moment I feel like a very hungry man at a massive Chinese buffet (now there's a great thought..), taking a sample of every dish on offer with a view to coming back and filling my plate with the stuff I like the best. With both hats of my job, in the parish and across the Deanery, there are lots of things to get to grips with, even though I'll only be actively working on a few of them. I feel like I'm collecting stacks of information, meeting lots of people, trying to map out in my head what's happening, and hopefully will be able to do some distilling (there's another great thought...) so I can focus in on just a few things.

It's amazing to think that Jesus came to save the world, and did it by preaching and healing in a few small villages around a fishing lake. God knows everything about focusing on the small things in order to achieve the big things.

Again it comes back to prayer, taking time out to reflect, to listen to God. I'm already getting into a working pattern that makes that difficult to carve out. Maybe I also need the divine gift of trancing out so that I don't end up trying to remember everything I've been told. On Monday, whilst a fellow minister/blogger was meditating on socks at a training day, I was taking copious notes about obscure bits of government legislation affecting church buildings. Why?

And if anyone knows of a good chinese buffet within reach of Yeovil, let me know.

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