Thursday, November 06, 2014

UK Generosity Hotspots. Don't come South looking for charity.....

And the UK's most generous city is...

Sheffield is the most generous city in the UK. The city that gave the world cutlery, the Human League, Michael Vaughan, Jessica Ennis, and, um Nick Clegg MP. That's according to some research by a biscuit company, so it must be true.  It looks from the map as though people get stingier the further South and West they are. I was raised in Sheffield but now live in Yeovil; do the maths, but you're wasting your time asking me for a cuppa. I'm joking of course.

But its nice to see that a bit of basic civility and kindness is alive and well, in the North anyway.

‘In many situations, people get more of a buzz out of extending the hand of generosity to others than they do when being a recipient of the gesture themselves.’ said the neuropsychologist who did the research. 'It is more blessed to give than to receive', said Jesus a few years earlier. 

Ht Metro


  1. Michael Vaughan, Jessica Ennis

    errrr... who are they?

    (and I notice you don't mention Blunkett)

  2. If I mention David Blunkett I have to mention Roy Hattersley. And by that standard I'd also have to mention ABC and Heaven 17, having mentioned the Human League.