Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rankety Rank

Anyone wondering where the Wikio religious blog rankings have gone (both of you), can rest easy, Church Mouse has picked up the scent, and has the latest list. For earlier lists, follow the bookmark below. Mouse also compiles an occasional Twurch of England Twitter ranking, so there is a happy convergance of all things listy at Mouse Towers (or Mouse Holes, or whatever Church Mouse campaign HQ is called).

Meanwhile, I'm busy trying to put a government together. Well, there's got to be a plan Z if the politicians don't manage to come up with anything. Strangely, I'm quite cheered by the thought of politicians talking to each other and working together across the party divide: I'm sure truth, justice and common sense are no respecters of political dividing lines, and I'd rather see them try to work as a team than not bother at all. My worry is that it doesn't get past public posturing and private political calculations, to genuine sitting down and thrashing things through.

As for 'the markets' setting a timetable for when we need to get a PM, my first thought is a rude one. I don't recall anyone voting for them.

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