Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Deciding Who to Vote For

Having trouble deciding who to vote for? There's sophisticated things like this* which show you whose policies you most agree with.

Or for something simpler:

Ht Mike Smithson

*mind you, I didn't go all the way through it so, being the Telegraph, it probably tells you to vote Conservative whatever your choices.


  1. I went through it, and I came out as a dead heat between voting Labour and Lib Dem, which was no help at all, because I knew that already. Well, did I expect the Telegraph to tell me anything useful...?

  2. on all the quizzes Ive done across the net I always come out Green - problem is if I vote green it wont make any difference. Which is hard, especially when you are a youth worker and trying to encourage young people to vote. So do I vote with my heart or vote tactically? All the same, i did like the simpler method of discernment :D

  3. I did one of those quizzes this year and came out Green, but it didn't really change my mind over how I'll be voting. If you vote Green it probably will make a difference, but only in the long term: the more people vote for smaller parties, the more they feel it's worth keeping going rather than giving up. Mind you, I voted Green in 1987.... they've got more local councillors now!

    I wonder if there are 10,000 people in every constituency thinking 'I'd like to vote Green but it won't make any difference' ? ;-)