Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wikio Top Religious Blogs: December (i.e. November) 2009

Latest Wikio listings have gone up, here are the blogs dealing partly or wholly with faith issues that crop up in the top 250 or so. Covers the month of November, which sees the continued march of blogs telling you how to make your own cards and paper doilies. Just in case we're tempted to take ourselves too seriously.

24 Cranmer
74 Heresy Corner
110 The hermeneutic of continuity (clearly a blog name designed to communicate clearly what the blog is all about)
116 St. Aidan to Abbey Manor (ditto)
125 What Does the Prayer Really Say?
144 Thinking Anglicans
149 Bartholemews Notes on Religion
162 Gates of Vienna (didn't know Microsoft had relocated)
169 The Ugley Vicar
194 Islam in Europe
205 Anglican Mainstream. It's not a blog, and Wikio have been told. Never mind. At least it's not a card-making site.
208 Catholic and Loving It! I don't think this was set up specifically in advance of the Pope's offer to anglo-catholics, just to help things along, but you never know.
219 John Smeaton, SPUC director.
227 The Church Mouse

on a local note, Muck & Brass, Somersets most famous blogger, for a couple of days last month anyway, is at 258. Several of the South Somerset councillors are now temporary councillors at Somerton, and the Christmas lights are now up, but it's been a difficult time for that community.

For previous lists, use the wikio rankings tab at the bottom.

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